1. Knight of Ladies
      Chevalier as Dames

      An alias adopted by Arthurís Sir Meriadeuc when traveling incognito.

    2. Knight of Maidens
      Chevalier as Damoisels

      Two characters. [More]

    3. Knight of Saie
      Knight of Saies

      The Knight of Saie was a companion of Sir Bleoberis. When Gawainís son, Guinglain, defeated Bleoberis at a ford, William of Salebrant, Elin of Graie, and the Knight of Saie chased after Guinglain and tried to avenge Bleoberisís injury. All three were defeated.

    4. Knight of the Bridge

      Former ruler of the Dolorous Guard, the castle Lancelot conquered. He may be identical to Brandin of the Isles. His was called the "knight of the bridge" because he guarded a bridge and attacked all Queenís Knights, for he harbored a hate for Guenevere.

    5. Knight of the Burning Dragon

      A demonic lord who, in Perlesvaus, inhabited the Castle of Giants on the Island of the Elephants.

      The Knight carried a shield which was possessed by a devil, and which spouted bursts of flame on command. He terrorized Arthurís lands, and crispened many good knights, including Percevalís cousin Alain. Perceval sought to avenge the deed. Protected by his own magic shield, Perceval journeyed to the Knightís castle and defeated him in combat. The Knightís shield turned on its master and blasted him to cinders.

      A similar character is called the Knight of the Dragon in the Fourth Continuation of Chrťtienís Perceval.

    6. Knight of the Cart
      Chevalier de la Charrete, Chevalier del Car

      Two characters. [More]

    7. Knight of the Castle of Three Roses

      This knight died for the love of Florine, Palamedesís sister.

    8. Knight of the Dragon

      Two characters. [More]

    9. Knight of the Fair Country
      Knight of the Fair County

      A brother of Arthur, he married the daughter of Earl Cornubas of Wales and was the father of the Great Fool.

    10. Knight of the Field

      A Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.

    11. Knight of the Galley
      Knight of the Galleys

      A heathen knight who roamed the sea and murdered Christians. He was killed by Arthurís Sir Meliot of Logres.

    12. Knight of the Golden Arms

      A designation given to Gawain during a tournament in which he won the Circle of Gold.

    13. Knight of the Golden Quilt

      One of Arthur's knights.

    14. Knight of the Green Shield

      A warrior from the Mores Isles in Perlesvaus. Lancelot helped him expel an invader, the Lord of the Rock, after the Knight's brother, Gladoain, was slain in Lancelot's service. In Palamedes, Brunor the Black is known as this alias.

    15. Knight of the High Mountain

      A knight who participated in a tournament thrown by Arthur at the Castle of Maidens.

    16. Knight of the Horn
      Chevalier au Cor

      An Arthurian knight found in two French romances.

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    17. Knight of the Ill-Fitting Coat

      A Knight of the Round Table whose true name in some romances is Brunor the Black. [More]

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    18. Knight of the Lantern

      Two characters. [More]

    19. Knight of the Lion

      A name given to Owain, who was usually accompanied by a lion.

    20. Knight of the Litter

      An alias for Lancelot, which he used after he was wounded during his early adventures, but before he knew his real name.

    21. Knight of the Mill

      The name given to Peredur Long Spear when he fought in a tournament before the Empress of Constantinople. Peredur was lodging with a miller at the time.

    22. Knight of the Old Table

      A name by which Segurant the Brown, a knight of the Old Table and Uther's mightiest warrior, was known. He was also sometimes known as the Knight of the Dragon.

    23. Knight of the Parrot

      King Arthurís alias in the French romance Le Chevalier du Papegau. Arthur adopted the name after winning a magic parrot in a tournament at the Castle Causuel, in which he championed the Lady Without Pride. The parrot was intelligent: it sang, recounted Merlinís prophecies, and advised Arthur during his adventures. Served by a dwarf, it was kept in a golden, bejeweled cage. Arthur enjoyed several adventures under this pseudonym, and the lady Estrales declared her love for him.

    24. Knight of the Passage

      A knight defeated by Arthur in front of the Fearless Keep in the Kingdom of Damsels. The Knight of the Passage lodged Arthur following his defeat.

    25. Knight of the Sleeve

      Hero of the Dutch romance Ridder metter Mouwen. His mother was a queen, but he was raised in a monastery. During his numerous adventures, in which he overcame knights, giants, and beasts, he carried the sleeve of his paramour, Clarette, on the tip of his lance. He embarked on a successful quest to find his father. He eventually won the right to marry Clarette during a tournament at Arthurís court. His true name was Miraudijs.

    26. Knight of the Spring

      An alias for Sir Atamas, a knight who guarded the Spring of Healing and was defeated by Palamedes.

    27. Knight of the Surcoat

      The nickname given to Gawain after he was knighted by the Emperor of Rome. Ignorant of his real name during his upbringing, he was first called the Boy with No Name, but was dubbed the Knight of the Surcoat after his fellow knights were surprised to see him wear a tunic over his armor - a custom then unknown in Rome.

    28. Knight of the Tomb

      An adventure encountered by Perceval in the Second Continuation of Chrťtienís Perceval and the Didot-Perceval. Perceval came across a tomb in his quest to hunt a white stag for the lady of Chessboard Castle. The Knight of the Tomb, also known as the Black Knight, who came from the forest of Argonne, lived in the tomb at the behest of his paramour.

      In the Second Continuation, the Knight of the Tomb emerges and fights with Perceval, is defeated, and must return to the tomb. In the Didot-Perceval, Perceval frees him, and the ungrateful Knight of the Tomb shoves Perceval into the tomb and locks it. However, the Knight of the Tomb, who didnít have a mount, was unable to get Percevalís enchanted mule to move. He was forced to release Perceval from the tomb and to resume his place.

      During the battle between Perceval and the Knight of the Tomb, Garsallas, the Knight of the Tombís half-brother, ran off with Percevalís hound and the head of a stag Perceval had slain, sending Perceval on a series of quests that prolonged his return to Chessboard Castle.

    29. Knight of the Tower

      An alias for Sir Atamas, who inhabited the Giantís Tower and was defeated by Palamedes.

    30. Knight of the Two Swords

      The name adopted by Meriadeuc during his early adventures at Arthurís court. Ignorant of his true name, he was called Handsome Young Man until knighted by Arthur. He received sword froms both Arthur and his future wife, Lady Lore of Cardigan, for which Kay gave him this alias.

    31. Knight of the Valley
      Chevalier de la Vale

      An ugly knight defeated in combat by Arthurís Sir Brandelis.

    32. Knight of the White Shield

      The name assigned to Perceval during the tournament at the Red Land, in which Perceval bore a white shield.

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    33. Knight of Triple Arms
      Chevalier as Armes Trebles

      The champion of Rigomer Castle whose real name was Jorans li Febles.

    34. Knight of Two Shields
      Chevalier as Dous Escus

      An alias for Sir Beaudous, Gawainís son, referring to his custom double-shield.

    35. Knight with the Black Shield

      The name given to Sir Tristan at the Castle of Maidens tournament when Tristan would not reveal his own name.

    36. Knight with the Eagle

      A nickname for Sir Wigamur, an Arthurian knight who saved an eagle from a vulture and thus gained a loyal companion.

    37. Knight with the Lion

      In Chrťtienís Yvain and its adaptations, the alias given to Yvain after he rescued a lion from a serpent. The lion became Yvainís friend and guardian and refused to leave his side.

      In the Prose Lancelot, this designation is given to Yvain after Sir Lionel gives him the skin of the Crowned Lion of Libya.

    38. Knight with the Strange Beast

      A nickname of King Pellinore, referring to his ceaseless hunt for the elusive Questing Beast.

    39. Knight with the Two Swords
      Knight with Two Swords

      Honorific title given to Balin le Savage.

    40. Knight-Giant
      Knight with Two Swords

      A character in Le Chevalier du Papegau.

      He loved the Lady of Estrales. She, in turn, was infatuated with Arthur, called the Knight of the Parrot, and an incensed Knight-Giant swore to bring her Arthurís dismembered hand. He encountered Arthur in the forest and was mortally wounded after a long battle. Before he died, he apologized to Arthur and gave him his magic breast plate. His brother, the Redoubted Giant of the Sure Keep, tried to avenge his death but failed.

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