1. Handsome Cad
      Biaus Mauvais

      The name given to Sir Bors by the people of Estrangorre when Bors refused to marry King Brandegorre’s (Brandegoris) daughter, who was very beautiful.

    2. Handsome Coward
      Biaux Coars

      A noble Knight of the Round Table found in Chrétien’s Erec, alongside the Ugly Hero (Ugly Brave). He may have a relation to the Coward Knight of Perlesvaus. Chrétien lists him as the fifth best of Arthur's knights, one guesses that his cowardice was the same sort displayed by the Cowardly Lion of L. Frank Baum's Oz books (who is quite a different personality from the otherwise delightful comic character played by Bert Lahr).

      In the second Perceval continuation and the Didot-Perceval, he loves an ugly woman named Rosete, and he fights Perceval when Perceval insults her honor. Rosete later became beautiful at Arthur’s court. According to the Prose Tristan, he participated in the Grail Quest.

    3. Handsome Founding

      The nickname given to Lancelot by his adopted mother, the Lady of the Lake, in order to avoid revealing his real name to him.

    4. Handsome Prisoner

      An alias adopted by Sir Brian of the Isles after Gawain defeated him and sent him to Arthur’s court.

    5. Handsome Young Man

      Earliest name of Meriadeuc, who was ignorant of his own name, during his early service at Arthur’s court. When he was knighted, he took the name the Knight of the Two Swords.