1. Helis
      Helis, Helyes, Helys

      A knight who fought in Arthur’s forces against the Saxons. He was the steward of the Castle Roestoc and the brother of Mabonagrain.

    2. Helis

      A cousin of Arthur.

      When his father, Ardan, was defeated by Palamedes in joust, Helis swore revenge. Helis, however, was also defeated.

    3. Helis the Pale
      Helain, Helains li Blois, Helins li Blois, Helis the Blond, - li Blons; Helys li Blois

      A knight who assisted Gawain in saving the Lady of Nohaut from an attack by the King with a Hundred Knights.

      He later fought for Arthur in battles against the King with a Hundred Knights and the King from Over the Borders of Galone (Land Beyond the Borders of Galone), and against Agrippe in the Waste Land.

      He participated in one of Gawain’s quests to find Lancelot.