1. Land Beyond the Borders of Galone
      Over the Borders of Galone

      A northern land in rebellion against Arthur in the early days of his reign.

      The King of the Land Beyond the Borders of Galone was joined in his rebellion by King Aguissant of Scotland (Angusel) and King Yon of Little Ireland. Arthur defeated all of them. The King later joined forces with the King with a Hundred Knights and resumed the war; again, he was defeated. He became the vassal of the lord Galehaut and joined Galehaut in his war against Arthur, but was defeated a third time when Galehaut - through the design of Lancelot - yielded to Arthur.

    2. Land From Which No One Returned

      The kingdom ruled by King Gundebald in Meriadoc.

      It was a lake of tar with an island of solid ground in the center. Unwary visitors often sank into the pit, giving the land its name. King Meriadoc of Wales journeyed to the Land From Which No One Returns and defeated Gundebald there. Meriadoc did, however, manage to escape from this realm, having rescued the daughter of the German Emperor.

    3. Land Laid Waste
      La Terre Deserte, Terre Gaste, Waste Land

      The French region Berry were laid to waste and became known as the Land Laid Waste. [Waste Land]

    4. Land of Giants

      A country on the border of Gore. The Castle Passing marked the border.

    5. Land of Maidens

      During an episode in Diu Crône, Gawain lodges at the castle of Rohur in the Land of Maidens.

    6. Land of Pastures and Giants

      One of the various realms ascribed to the rule of Rience.

      The name of this domain would seem to connect Rience with the giant of Welsh tradition Rhitta, Rhicca or Ritho, who was associated with Yr Wyddfa Fawr (Mount Snowdon).

    7. Land of the Grazing Grounds

      It was ruled by the Saxon king, Galad the lord of Pastures (Galahad).

    8. Land of the Horn
      Landes del Cor

      The area ruled by the Lord of the Horn, who was defeated by Perceval. It contained the Castle of the Horn.

    9. Land that Tristan Freed

      A name for the valley or island of Servage, after Tristan killed Nabon the Black, the evil giant who ruled it. Its lord was Sir Sagremor (Sagramore).