1. Helyas

      A knight who was forced to flee Cornwall with his brother, Assar, after their sister was raped by King Mark. They settled on the Island of Two Brothers.

      Later, Helyas abducted Assarís wife and started a war. Assar received the assistance of Tristan, who slew Helyas in single combat.

    2. Helyas

      The leader of Claudas's sixth division.

    3. Helyas
      Elais, Ganors, Ysaies

      The fourth of the seven kings whom Lancelot saw in his vision.

    4. Helyas de Hardole
      Chimas de Radole, Dimas de Ladol

      One of the wise clerks whom Arthur sends to Galeholt to interpret the latter's dreams.

      Sommer calls him "Helyas de Hardole en Honguerie" which would make him an Hungarian.

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