1. Horn Castle

      Hengist’s brother in the Prose Brut; probably a corruption of Horsa. He built a castle called Horn Castle which was destroyed by Vortigern.

    2. Horn, Knight with the

      Among Arthur's knights in Chrétien de Troyes' list. His appellation may vary with the English translation; might be identified with Huon of the Horn, Oberon's friend and hero of his own chanson de geste?

    3. Horn of Bran Galad
      Horn of Brangaled, Corn Brangaled

      One of the Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain.

      Merlin had to acquire this one if he were to be given the others. It had originally belonged to a centaur slain by Hercules and its particular property was that it could contain any drink one wished.

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    4. Horn of Elephant's Bone

      In the best tradition, this great horn hung near Castle Dangerous, ready for knights-errant to blow when they came to fight Sir Ironside.

    5. Horn of Ivory

      This horn bound with gold was used to summon knights to the Castle of Maidens, the one of evil customs. Possibly the horn had some magical or mystical quality, since it could be heard for two miles around.

    6. Horn of Lady Tristerat of Savoy

      An anonymous fifteenth-century Meisterlied based on the tale first attested in Robert Biket's Lai du cor, "Dis ist Frauw Tristerat Horn von Saphoien" ('This Is Frau Tristerat of Savoy's Horn').

      A young lady bearing a magic drinking horn arrives at King Arthur's court one day. They horn has been sent by Lady Tristerat to test the fidelity of the ladies at Arthur's court. That man who is able to drink from the horn without spilling a drop has a faithful wife. First, Arthur and then the kings of mighty lands attempt to empty the horn without mishap. Only the king of Spain succeeds, and his wife, the most beautiful woman present, turns out to be the only faithful woman.