1. Maine
      Maines, Mainet, Meines, Mene, Moine, Moyne

      In the Vulgate Merlin, Arthurís great uncle, apparently the oldest, of King Constans of England, Arthur's grandfather, who preceded Vortigern as King of Britain. He is called Constans in the chronicles.

      The son of Constantine and Ivoire, and brother of Uther and Pendragon, Maine was foisted to the throne by Vortigern after his fatherís death. He was an impotent king, and Vortigern eventually had him assassinated, killed by a dozen barons who wanted Vortigern for their king. Maine survived and was avenged by his brothers, Uther and Pendragon.

      This alternate name for Constans undoubtedly comes from his title in the chronicles: le Moine, or "the Monk".

    2. Maine

      A region of northwest France, south of Normandy. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, it was part of Arthur's domain, and was ruled under Arthur by Borel.

    3. Maine

      A river in Scotland, bordering the lands of the King of the Land Beyond the Borders of Galone. Arthur and the King fought a battle near the river.

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