1. Margon
      Marganor, Margons, Margouns

      The wine steward of the Saxon King Pignoras. He fought against Arthurís forces at the second battle of Clarence, and was killed there.

    2. Margon

      The King with a Hundred Knights in the Third Continuation of Chrťtienís Perceval.

      Before he was known by this name, he led an siege on the castle of the Sore Pucelle in an attempt to force the lady to marry his son. His son, Cargrilo, was taken prisoner by the Sore Pucelle, and was catapulted to his death when Margon killed the Sore Pucelleís lover.

      Margon was eventually defeated by Gawain, the Sore Pucelleís champion, and sent to Arthurís court. During the journey, he rescued his sister, the Lady of Malehaut, from Gorgari, an abductor. Arriving at Arthurís court with a hundred knights in tow, he was given his more common designation. Arthur appointed him to the Round Table.

      His name may reflect Malaguin, the King with a Hundred Knights in the Vulgate Lancelot.

    3. Margon

      A wicked giant whose brothers were Ulian and Durkion (Durkan).

      The brothers served Lord Karedoz of Malmontan, and all of them were slain by Arthurís Sir Tandareis.