1. Lady

      There are several characters mentioned in the Vulgate as 'Lady'. Here are a few:

      • Lady, the
        A lady who comes to visit Mordred when he is on the Rock.

      • Lady, the
        Uther's paramour.

      • Lady, the
        A lady who admired Lancelot. Guerrehes (Gaheris) met her by a fountain.

      • Lady, the
        The second of the ladies whom Guerrehes (Gaheris) met by the fountain.

      • Lady, the
        The third of the ladies whom Guerrehes (Gaheris) met by the fountain.

      • Lady, the
        A lady who recognises Lancelot after the tournament between the King of Norgales and Baudemagus (Bagdemagus), at whose castle he stays, and who, having promised to show him "la plus bele riens", conducts him to Corbenic (Carbonek).

      • Lady, the
        Whom Gawain found lamenting in a pavilion near the Miraculous Fountain and who deceived him.

      • Lady, the
        The elder sister of the Lady of the Tor.

    2. Lady Chapel

      It is believed Joseph of Arimathea built a church by the site now called Lady Chapel at Glastonbury Abbey.

      South of Lady Chapel the monks at Glastonbury claimed to have uncovered the bodies of both Arthur and Guenevere in 1191.

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    3. Lady Lile of Avelon
      Lile of Avalon, - Avelion, - Avilion

      Called "the great lady Lile of Avelion". This enigmatic person may have been an enchantress. Avelion is almost certainly Avilion or Avalon, suggesting religion, mysticism, magic, and benevolence; yet Lady Lile helped the damsel "Malvis", whom Merlin characterized as wicked. Perhaps in this case Lile, although good, mistakenly helped the wrong side - the Round Table heroes were often enough guilty of helping the wrong side, through siding with the first party who appealed to them, or unquestioningly taking the part of any woman against any man.

      Lile would not have been a Lady of the Lake, for Lancelot's Lady of the Lake, Viviane, was in France. Lile was the mysterious lady from Avalon who brought to Arthur's court a sword that only Balin could draw from its scabbard. When he had done so, she asked him to return it. When he refused, she foretold it would bring about his destruction and kill his dearest friend.

      The first English Lady of the Lake came to demand the heads of Balin and the very damsel whom Lile had helped, and the second English Lady of the Lake was Nimue. I'm going with Phyllis Ann Karr's treatment with Lile in the notes as a person because in Malory she does seem definitely a person, not a personification, even though she remains an offstake figure. My opinion, however, is that this mysterious dame came into being when some scribe or translator mistook the French for "the island of Avalon" (l'ile d'Avilion) for a personal name.

    4. Lady Leech of Cornwall

      Then the king [Mark] let send after all manner of leeches and surgeons, both unto men and women, and there was none that would behote [Tristram] the life. Then came there a lady that was a right wise lady, and she said plainly unto King Mark, and to Sir Tristram ... that he should never be whole but if Sir Tristram went in the same country that the venom [of Marhaus' spearhead] came from.

      One can assume from the context that she was a leech or surgeon; she may, of course, have been an herb-woman or even one who simply knew how to speak out with authority. Mark and Tristram took her advice seriously and followed it, to Tristram's healing.

    5. Lady Lore
      Lady of Garadigan

      A lady at Arthur's court. [More]

    6. Lady of Gaul
      La Dame Gauloise

      A lady from Gaul who deceives and ridicules Hippocrates.

    7. Lady of Malahaut

      Ruler of the town Le Puis de Malohaut. [More]

    8. 'Lady of Rich Fish'
      La Dame Riche et Poissans

      Where Lancelot passed a wretched night, after he had slain the Black Knight who had killed a damsel under his protection.

    9. Lady of Roestoc
      Rohestoc, Rorestok, Rostock, Rostok

      She gave a girdle and a locket to Gawaine. [More]

    10. Lady of Shalott

      The name by which Elaine of Astolat, the daughter of Bernard of Astolat, is possibly best known, appearing under this title in Alfred, Lord Tennyson's famous poem The Lady of Shalott.

    11. Lady of the Blanche Mores
      Lady of the Blanches Mores

      This lady of Blanche Mores held a tournament with the Lady of the Roche Land as her opponent. Brandis was one of the knights participating.

    12. Lady of the Blonde Hair
      Lady of the Fair Hair

      Arthurís paramour in Le Chevalier du Papegau. The Lady was the fairy sovereigness of the Amorous City.

      She was plagued by a horrible creature known as the Fish-Knight. Arthur slew the monster after the Ladyís servant, Beauty Without Villany, came to Arthurís court looking for assistance. The Lady of the Blonde Hair fell in love with Arthur, but angered him by making him promise to act as "the worst knight in the world" during a tournament at her castle. Arthur was so furious at this humiliation that he beat the Lady. Later, the two made up and became lovers.

    13. Lady of the Deadly Bed

      The Dwarf of the Cart brought Lancelot and Gawaine to a castle or keep apparently held by this lady near the marches of Gore. [More]

    14. Lady of the Fountain
      Countess of the Fountain

      Wife of the Lord of the Fountain.

      When Owain killed her husband she married Owain, but renounced him when he spent a year away from her at Arthurís court. After a number of grueling adventures, Owain was able to return to her graces.

      She is known as the Lady, or Countess, of the Fountain in the Welsh Owain, and as Laudine in other tales.

    15. Lady of the Inhospitable Land Upheld
      Dame de la Terre Estrange Soustenue

      A beautiful lady whom Guinebaut met in the Perilous Forest and fell in love with. For her love he made the Magic Dance, "le Chastel Tornoiant" (Turning Castle), and the magic chessboard.

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    16. Lady of the Isles

      Queen of the Kingdom of the Isles, her sister was the Queen of Iceland.

      She swore to only marry the best knight in Britain, whom she perceived as Gawain. One of her vassals, Brian of the Isles, set out to defeat Gawain, thereby proving himself the best knight and earning the right to marry the Lady. Brian returned to the Kingdom claiming that he had slain Gawain, and the Lady prepared to marry him, but Gawain showed up on their wedding day and ended the marriage.

    17. Lady of the Lake

      The mysterious lady/ladies. [More]

    18. Lady of the Lands

      A cousin of King Anguish of Ireland.

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    19. Lady of the Roche Land

      This lady of the Roche Land held a tournament with the Lady of the Blanche Mores as her opponent. Brandis was one of the knights attending.

    20. Lady of the Rock

      The sixty-year-old damsel of Arroy brought Ywaine (Yvain) to visit this "much corteous" lady, who complained to him of Sirs Edward of the Red Castle and Hue of the Red Castle. They had extorted a barony from her.

      When she lodged Ywaine during his adventures, he heard her tale and became furious at the injustice. He called for a meeting with the two knights and challenged them to a duel for the ladyís lands. He defeated them both at once, killing Edward. Hue gave the lands back to the Lady.

    21. Lady of the Rule

      Mother of Alyne by King Pellinore.

    22. Lady of the Tor
      Dame de la Tor

      Where Bohort (Bors) stays and whom he helps against her elder sister, Saint Eglise.

    23. Lady of the White Guard

      The wife of a cousin of King Lancelot, the grandfather of Sir Lancelot.

    24. Lady of the White Palfrey

      She spoke to Arthur when he arrived before Gannes pointing out the futility of the laying siege to the town.

    25. Lady Without Pride

      A sister of Morgan le Fay rescued by Arthur from an attacker called the Knight of the Wasteland. Arthur won a tournament at the Castle Causuel in her honor, winning a parrot.

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