Norauge, Norbellande(?), Norogue, Norvaga, Norvegue, Norwaga, Norwage, Norwei, Norwey

In Welsh legend, Norway is subject to Arthur, and the Norwegian warriors are led by Mark, Arthurís first cousin. In other tales, Norwegian warriors allied with Picts and Saxons and caused problems for Arthur and his predecessors.

It is not possible to say into how many kingdoms or chieftaincies Norway was divided during the Arthurian period, but, Geoffrey says that Arthur conquered Norway from King Riculf and gave it to Lot. Lot supposedly had a hereditary right to the kingdom as the grandson of King Sichelm. Arthur had to enforce Lot's claim, however, as the throne had been seized by a usurper, Riculf. Geoffrey tells us how, at Arthur's final battle, Odbricht, the King of Norway, supported Arthur and met his death.

In any event, Lot and Gawain are often called Knights of Norway in later legends. In Der Pleierís romances, Lotís son, Beacurs, is king.

In actuality, the kingdom of Norway did not exist until the late ninth century, being a collection of tribes prior to this time.

The Vulgate says the King of Norway was the father of Lore de Carduel.

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