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Laverep, Leverop, Leverserp, Leverzep, Leverzerp, Levezerp, Loverseph, Loverzep, Loverzerph, Loverzeph, Lovezeph, Lovezerp, Verzeppe

A castle in the forest of Breckham, along the Humber River.

In the Prose Lancelot, it is the site of a battle between the duke of Cambenic and the king of North Wales. Gawain participated, fighting for Cambenic, and decided the battle. Arthur later gave the castle to a maiden who brought him news of Lancelot.

The Prose Tristan and Malory relate a tournament held by Arthur at the castle, which was won by Tristan and Lancelot, with Palamedes (Palomides) earning distinction. Events at the tournament led to a rift between Tristan and Palamedes. La Tavola Ritonda says that hundreds of knights were slain at the tournament, keeping it from becoming the greatest tournament in history. Afterwards, Arthur vowed not to allow swords in further tournaments. Statues of Palamedes, Tristan, Lancelot, Amoroldo, and Galahad were erected in front of the castle. Hundreds of years later, the location was visited by Charlemagne.

This sounds like a variant of the name Lonazep, but Malory places Lonazep Castle near Joyous Garde, while Vulgate II and VII tell us that Leverzep belonged to the Duke of Cambeninc and place Leverzep on the way from Bedingran (Bedegraine) to Orofoise, Leverzep and Lonazep must be two different castles.

Near Leverzep is the Round Mountain, site of hermitage.

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