A – Arthurian Items

Adventurous Bed
An alternative name for the Perilous Bed found in the Grail legends.

Adventurous Seats
The seats at the Round Table. [More]

Adventurous Shield
Found by Mordrains. [More]

Adventurous Sword | Espee Aventureuse
Drawn by Galahad. [More]

Alexander’s Shirt
A garment. [More]

A sword. [More]

Ark of the Covenant
The container of the Tablets of the Law. [More]

Arms and Armor
Arms and armor in the Arthurian stories. [More]

A sword. [More]

Arthur’s Crown
A regalia. [More]

Arthur’s Cup
A golden cup. [More]

Arthur’s Insignia
An image or emblem. [More]

Arthur’s Ivory Thrones
A gift from Sir Bruiant of the Isles. [More]

Avenging Lance
The name given in the Vulgate Cycle for the Bleeding Lance, an artifact from the Grail legends.