Only Welsh legend suggests that Arthur himself had any involvement with this continent; at least, Arthur’s chief gatekeeper Glewlwyd claims to have been in Africa, and possibly implies some Arthurian association.

In Geoffrey, the King of Africa, Munstensar (Mustensar), is an ally of the Roman Procurator Lucius and joins the war against Arthur. Wolfram gives Farjelastis, an ally of Perceval’s brother Feirefiz, as the Duke of Africa.

Gottfried von Strassburg says that King Gurmun of Ireland, Isolde’s father, was the son of the King of Africa; and the Norse Saga of Tristan and Ísönd names it as Rions’ (Ryons) home land. A further Norse Tristan legend says that it was ruled by a King Turnes, who conquered Spain.

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