Percevalís father in Wolframís Parzival. He was the son of King Gandin and Queen Schoette of Anjou, and the brother of Galoes, Flurdamurs, and Limmire.

When Gandin died and Galoes inherited the kingdom, Gahmuret set out in search of adventure. He traveled to Arabia - where he served the Baruc of Baghdad in the war against Ipomidon and Pompeius of Babylon - throughout Africa, and finally to the nation of Zazamanc.

There, he rescued the dark-skinned Belacane, Queen of Zazamanc, from an invasion of Scotsmen, apparently provoked because King Isenhart of Azagouc, their friend, had died for her love. During the war, Gahmuret fell in love with Queen Belacane - despite the fact that she was a Moor - and married her. They had a pie-bald son named Feirefiz.

Eventually, Gahmuret grew tired of domestic life with Belacane and sought adventure again. He deserted his wife and traveled to Wales, where he won honor in a tournament. For his victory, Queen Herzeloyde of Wales and Northgalis (Herselojde) demanded him as her husband. Gahmuretís brother had recently perished, and Gahmuretís heart belonged to Ampflise, the Queen of France. Ampflise sent pages to Wales to woo Gahmuret back to France.

However, a tribunal insisted that it was his duty to marry Herzeloyde, and he complied. After living with her for a brief time, he again - with her permission - left in search for adventure. When he departed, his wife was pregnant. He returned to the Baruc of Baghdad to defend him from another Babylonian invasion, and was killed by King Ipomidon of Niniveh.

His death was mourned by everyone, and nearly drove Herzeloyde mad. She gave birth to Perceval several weeks later. Because of the fate that befell her husband, Herzeloyde raised Perceval ignorant of chivalry and its perils.

Gahmuretís essential story is a retelling of the tale of Bliocadran. As Percevalís father, he is replaced in later romances by Alain and Pellinore. His name may be a variation of Gomeret, a land found in Chrťtienís Erec.