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Aglovale de Galis

Aglaval, Aglavax, Agglovale, Agloval, Aglovan, Aglovaus, Aglovax, Agravale, Engloval, Englovale

King Pellinore’s “first son begotten in wedlock” with the Widowed Lady. Malory mentions him only about half a dozen times, once as one of the knights killed by Lancelot and his men during the rescue of Guenevere from the stake.

One could have expected Aglovale to be a more important figure than this indicates. He first appears in the Vulgate Lancelot, where his primary function is to convey his young brother to Arthur’s court. He was, of course, a member of the Round Table, and is named in Malory XIX,11. Brother of Sir Percevale (Percivale of Wales) and the father of Moriaen (Morien). In Le Morte D’Arthur it is he who brings Percival (Perceval) to be knighted in Camelot.

In the Livre d’Artus, he joins Arthur’s service during the Saxon wars. Fourteen of his brothers were killed when King Agrippe invaded the Waste Forest, his mother’s home, but Aglovale eventually killed Agrippe in combat. The Dutch romance of Morien gives him a son named Morien, fathered by Aglovale on a Moorish princess. In the Dutch tale, Aglovale eventually marries the Saracen woman and becomes king of an Arabian land, but in the Vulgate romances he is slain either by Gawain during the Grail Quest or by Lancelot during the rescue of Guinevere from the stake.

In the Third Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval, he dies seven years after Perceval becomes the Grail King. His death prompts Perceval to retire to a hermitage.

The Vulgate Cycles tells us that Aglovale accidentally is struck and killed by Gawain during the Quest, while Malory gives his name as one of the knights, together with Tor, who defended the execution of Guenevere – and they were killed when she is rescued by Lancelot and his men.

Aglovale is occasionally associated with his own shield. The design of his shield can differ, but it often incorporates symbols related to his noble virtues and dedication to the chivalric code.

Perceval, Lamorat, Meliodam, AlainDrians, and Tor (all brothers do not appear in the same source).

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