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Amant of Lambale

Amans, Amaunte, Aumant

King of Lambal (Lambale) and enemy of Uther Pendragon, who had robbed Amant of the castle Charroie.

When Arthur came to power, Amant saw an opportunity to both avenge himself and reclaim his castle. He marched on Carnelide (Cameliard), where Arthur was battling Saxons. Merlin, however, wove a magical mist which led Amant’s army to clash with the forces of King Galahad, a Saxon. Amant’s army was decimated.

He was later killed in single combat with King Bors of Gannes. His son, Gosengos, inherited the kingdom and swore fealty to Arthur.

Vulgate Merlin | 1220-1235