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Later to re-emerge under the guise of Sir Kay in the Arthurian legends. Cei had a daughter named Kelemon.

Cei was among the party assembled by Culhwch in his quest to locate the maiden Olwen, a story told in the Mabinogion story of Culhwch and OlwenCynyr Fair Beard is given as Cai’s father in Culhwch. He is one of Arthur’s chief warriors, together with Bedwyr, in the Arthurian traditions. He is said have a sharp tounge and quick temper.

Each of the party was chosen for a particular skill or attribute. Cei’s talents were his ability to stay for nine days and nights without breathing or sleeping and to change his height at will. In addition, his body temperature was so high that he never got wet, and during the cold his companions could kindle a fire from him.

The other members of the party were Bedwyr (Bedivere), Cynddylig the GuideGwrhyr the Interpreter, Gwalchmai fab Gwyar and Menw Fab Teirgwaedd.

He helped to rescue Mabon, killed Wrnach the Giant and Dillus the Bearded. He was regarded as one of Arthur’s best warriors. Cei is slain by Gwyddawg and the latter is in turn slain by Arthur.

In Pa gur he is a great warrior, killing lionscath palug and witches.

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