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Clarion of Northumberland

Clariance, Clarions, Claryaunce

The King of Northumberland in the Vulgate Merlin and its adaptions.

He joined roughly a dozen fellow kings in a revolt against Arthur at the beginning of the latter’s reign. Arthur defeated them at the battle of Bedegraine. They were unable to continue the rebellion because Saxons invaded their lands. Clarion returned home and fortified his castle, Belande.

As the Saxons plundered Northumberland, Clarion received aid from Duke Escant of Cambenic. Eventually, he was able to repel the Saxons, but he and his companions were later defeated at the battle of Clarence. He allied with Arthur, fought in the final battles against the Saxons, and accompanied Arthur’s campaign to Rome.

Both Clarion and his son, Espinogrés, became Knights of the Round Table.

In Tennyson’s Idylls, he is named as Urien’s ally in the war against King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance).

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