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Ekunaver of Kanadic


In Der Pleier’s Garel, the King of Kanadic who went to war with Arthur because Uther Pendragon had slain Ekunaver’s father. He sent his giant Karabin to deliver a message of his hostile intentions, and he promised to invade Arthur’s lands after a year.

During the year, Garel, one of Arthur’s knights, raised his own army and defeated Ekunaver in Kanadic. Arthur was surprised to find that the war had been won without his participation. Arthur forgave Ekunaver and gave him a seat at the Round Table.

Ekuanver received his land from his wife, Queen Kloudite. His capital was Belamunt.

His allies included kings Angenis of IserterreSalatrias of KaldeHelpherion of Nasseran (Helpherich), Rubert of Gandin, and Ardan of Rivelanze.

His name is reminiscent of Escant of Cambenic in the Vulgate Cycle.

Garel von dem blühenden Tal | Der Pleier, 1240-1270