Escanor Le Beau

Escanor the Handsome

King of the White Mountain and nephew of Escanor le Grand and cousin of Escaduor.

He appears in the obscure romance EscanorGawaine defeated him in combat after Escanor tried to abduct Sir Girflet. Consequent of this defeat, Gawaine obtained Escanor’s horse, Gringolet, which had been given to Escanor by his lover, the fairy queen Esclarimonde.

Later, Escanor wrongly accused Gawaine of his cousin’s murder. Gawaine at first refused to fight him, so Sir Galantivet, Gawaine’s squire, ambushed and defeated Escanor. When Escanor and Gawaine finally met in combat, Gawaine had the upper hand and would have killed his opponent, but a fairy named Felinete, who had once helped Gawaine, interceded and convinced Gawaine to spare Escanor’s life. The two knights reconciled and became friends. Escanor retired to a hermitage after his wife died.

Escanor | Girart D’Amiens, c. 1280