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The daughter of King Leigamar of Sorgarda and the beloved of Sir Fiers of Arramis.

During a tournament at Sorgarda, she boasted of Fiers’s prowess to Quebeleplus, her younger sister. To humble her sister, Quebeleplus begged Gawaine, who was attending the tournament, to defeat Fiers in combat. Gawaine complied. Flursenesephin was offered to Gawaine, who went on to win the tournament, but Gawaine convinced Leigamar to award her to Sir Quoikos, one of Gawaine’s comrades.

She later failed a chastity test at Arthur’s court.

Her counterpart in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival is named Obie.

Diu Crône | Heinrich von dem Türlin, c. 1230