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Karrioz, a dwarfish and beast-like pagan knight, served under King Roaz of Glois. Described as possessing bones devoid of marrow, which doubled his strength, Karrioz was a formidable opponent feared throughout the realm.

One of his notable roles was guarding the path to King Roaz’ castle, a task he executed with ferocity and vigilance. His reputation for prowess preceded him, making him a formidable obstacle for any who sought to challenge King Roaz’s authority.

It was during Wigalois’s journey to Glois to confront King Roaz that he encountered Karrioz. As Gawain’s son, Wigalois proved himself to be a valiant and skilled knight, worthy of facing formidable adversaires. Despite the daunting nature of the encounter, Wigalois engaged Karrioz in a fierce battle.

The clash between Wigalois and Karrioz was legendary, showcasing the heroism and martial prowess of both combatants. Despite Karrioz’s formidable strength and skill, Wigalois emerged victorious, displaying his courage and prowess as a knight.

However, Karrioz’s defeat was not the end of his tale. In a dramatic turn of events, he met his demise while fleeing from Wigalois. Running headlong into a poisonous swamp fog, Karrioz met his tragic end, adding a poignant twist to his character’s story.

Wigalois | Wirnt von Grafenberg, early 13th century