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Wigalois of Korntin

Wigalois of Lâban, Viegloeis, Vigoles, Wigoleis

Son of Gawain and his wife Princess Florie of Syria, the niece of King Joram. The name itself is similar to Guinglain, his counterpart in Renaut de Bâgé’s Le Bel InconnuGliglois, the hero of a later romance, recall’s Wigalois’s name but not his character.

Gawain became separated from Princess Florie before Wigalois’s birth, and Florie raised Wigalois alone. The castle in which he grew up featured a Wheel of Fortune, and his later successes were a curious mix of his own prowess combined with luck.

When Wigalois came of age, he left Syria to seek adventure and to find his father. Arriving at Arthur’s court at Cardueil, he astonished the knights by sitting down on a stone that only the most pure could even approach. Arthur knighted him immediately, and presented him to Gawain as a companion. Neither Wigalois nor Gawain were aware of their relationship.

Soon after his arrival, the lady Nereja arrived at court, seeking a champion to save Queen Amena of Korntin from the evil King Roaz of Glois, who had taken over the queen’s country, except for one castle. Wigalois asked for, and received, the adventure. This infuriated Nereja, who perceived Wigalois as too inexperienced. Along the road to Korntin, however, Wigalois proved himself to Nereja by defeating several giants and knights. By the time they reached Korntin, Nereja happily presented Wigalois to Queen Amena.

Wigalois soon fell in love with Princess Larie, Amena’s daughter, who had been promised to the knight who could rid the land of King Roaz. Wigalois immediately set out to find Roaz, guided by the spirit of the slain King Lar, Amena’s husband. Along the way, he defeated a dragon named Pfetan, a hag named Ruel, and a devil named Marrien. Finally arriving in Glois, he fought a nightlong battle against Roaz and killed him. During the quest, King Lar revealed Gawain to be Wigalois’ father.

Wigalois returned to Korntin and joyously married Larie. The two were crowned king and queen of the land. News reached Wigalois’s wedding feast that an expected guest, King Amire of Libya, had been slain by the evil Prince Lion of Namur. Abandoning his festivities, Wigalois raised an army and marched into Namur. The campaign resulted in the death of Lion, and proved Wigalois as a military leader. He returned to Korntin to live out his days with his wife.

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