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Lady Lore of Cardigan

Lady of Garadigan

King Arthur sits with his court about him in Orkney, and they all break down with grief for Gawaine, who is missing and for whom they fear the worst. Up in a gallery, Lady Lore witnesses their grief. It is unclear to whether or not she also witnesses the arrival of Gawaine’s messenger (Igraine’s squire from the Rock of Canguin), who is just in process of arriving with news of Gawaine’s whereabouts and arrangement to fight Guiromelant.

In any event, Lady Lore leaves the gallery and comes down to the Queen, showing distress and shock. The Queen asks her what the trouble is … and there Chrétien laid down his pen forever. It is Lore’s first appearance in this romance, though the abruptness of her introduction suggests to me that she may have been already known in other Arthurian contexts of the era.

I would more incline to identify her with Lore of Carduel than with Lore de Branlant. Lady Lore, if the same person, brought a swordbelt to Arthur’s court and challenged anyone to unfasten it Meriadeuc (Meriadoc) was the only one able to do this.

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