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Lore of Cardigan

Lady of Cardigan

The Lady of Cardigan and a vassal of Arthur. She was besieged by King Ris of Outre-Ombre, and her city was captured. Lore saw a chance to reclaim her city when none of Ris’s knights would venture to the fearsome Waste Chapel. Ris had promised to grant any favor to the knight who accepted the quest. Lore offered to complete the quest.

Braving a forest of brambles and beasts, she arrived at the Waste Chapel. She witnessed the burial of a knight named Bleheri, and she took Bleheri’s sword. Girding it about her waist, she found that could not undo the straps. She returned to Cardigan, where Ris was forced to abide by his promise and restore the Lady’s city.

She went to Arthur’s court to find a knight who could undo the sword. After hundreds of knights attempted the feat but failed, a newly-knighted youth called simply Handsome Young Man (he was Bleheri’s son, Meriadeuc) undid the sword and girded it over his own, earning himself the title the Knight of the Two Swords. Arthur had promised to marry her to the knight who undid the sword, but Meriadeuc emmediately left court to seek adventure. Lore remained at Arthur’s court, and Meriadeuc eventually returned. He and Lore were married in great splendor and retired to Cardigan to rule. They had two children.

Meriadeuc or Le Chevalier aux Deux Épées | c. 1225-1250

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