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Llwch Lleminawc

Llawwynnawg, Lloch Llawwynnyawc, Llwch Windy Hand

One of King Arthur’s warriors in the Preiddeu Annwfn. He is perhaps taken from the Irish folk character Lug (he is mentioned as being from “across the sea”).

According to the legend, he fathered a number of sons who became Arthur’s warriors, including, probably, Llenlleawg. Several of his sons were named Gweir. His first name means “lake”, while his second seems to mean “striking hand”. His relationship with Lluch Lleawg and Lleminawg is uncertain, but he may be identical to either of these characters. He may be the origin of Lancelot and Lot.

Llwch is the ancient Welsh for an inlet of water, a lake. It corresponds to the Irish lough, Scotch loch, and the English lake.

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