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Maiden of the Narrow Wood

Pucelle del Gaut Destroit

A damsel who appears in French romance. She is given the proper name Lore of Branlant in the Livre d’Artus.

Her castle was besieged by Waldin of the Fearsome Vales, a jilted suitor, and she sent a messenger to Arthur’s court for assistance. Gawain, under the alias ‘Daguenet’ (Dagonet), delivered her from Waldin and departed. Later learning Gawain’s identity, she fell in love with him.

She built a trap in her castle designed to behead Gawain on his next visit, either (depending on the text) because he spurned her love or because she wanted to be entombed with him forever. In one text, Gawain visits her castle but manages to escape unrecognized with the help of her servant, Marot. The Maiden’s plan never came to fruition, and she eventually married Maduc the Black.

A similar character is called Orguelleuse of Logres in Perlesvaus.

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