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Marin the Jealous


According to Proce Lancelot, Marin the Jealous is the lord of the castle of Gomoret. In Perlesvaus his residence is simply referred to as “the castle of the Rich Fisher.” He is the father of Meliot, an Arthurian knight.

Marin is portrayed as a powerful knight and a wealthy landowner who is consumed by jealousy and suspicion. He is deeply distrustful of his wife, who he believes is unfaithful to him. As a result of his jealousy he keeps her imprisoned in a tower and forbids her from seeing anyone except his own sister.

When Gawain is on a quest to seek the Holy Grail, he arrives at Marin’s castle and is warmly welcomed as a guest. However, he soon learns of Marin’s jealosy and witnesses the terrible consequences when Marin kills his own wife in a fit of rage. His son, Meliot, left him in disgust and became a liegeman of Gawain.

Marin began a personal vendetta against Gawain, declaring war on anyone who aided him. He was eventually slain by Nabigan of the Rock.

The story of Marin the Jealous and his wife is just one of many episodes in the complex and mystical narrative of Perlesvaus, which explores themes related to the Holy Grail and the spiritual quest for salvation.

Perlesvaus | Early 13th century