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Meliot is a character in the thirteenth century romance Perlesvaus, also known as The High Book of the Holy Grail. He is the son of Marin the Jealous and he is one of the knights of Arthur’s court.

Meliot is described as a skilled warrior and a loyal follower of King Arthur. He participates in many of the adventures and quests undertaken by Arthur’s knights, including the search for the Holy Grail, which is a central theme of Perlesvaus.

In the story, Meliot is wounded in battle and is taken to a magical castle, where he is healed by a group of maidens who serve the Grail. As a result of his experience, Meliot becomes a devout Christian and devotes himself to the service of the Grail.

Later in the story, Meliot is chosen to accompany Galahad, Percival, and Bors on a journey to the Grail Castle, where they witness the Holy Grail and are granted spiritual insight and enlightenment.

Meliot is a relatively minor character in Perlesvaus, but he plays an important role in the narrative as a faithful and dedicated servant of the Grail. His transformation from a warrior to a spiritual seeker reflects one of the key themes of the Arthurian legend, which is the idea that chivalric prowess and religious devotion are not imcompatible, but rather complementary aspects of the ideal knightly character.

Perlesvaus | Early 13th century