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Arthur’s nephew and hero of Der Pleier’s Meleranz. He was the son of Olimpia, Arthur’s sister, and King Linefles of France.

As an adolescent, he ran away to Arthur’s court. On the way, he met a maiden named Tydomie, Queen of Kamerie, bathing under a tree, and the two fell in love. He was knighted by Arthur and had several adventures, culminating in his return to Karmerie to save Tydomie, who was being forced by her uncle to marry King Libers of Lorgan.

Meleranz and Tydomie married and ruled Terrandes, which Meleranz had liberated from Godonas the Giant. They had a daughter named Olimpia and two sons named Lazaliez and Medanz.

Meleranz | Der Pleier, 1240-1270