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Tydomie of Karmerie

The Queen of Karmerie (Kamerie) who married MeleranzArthur’s nephew. The two met and fell in love when Meleranz was on his way to Arthur’s court. When he had been knighted, she sent him tokens of a belt, a wreath and a clasp.

Meleranz eventually rescued her from a forced marriage to King Libers of Lorgan. Her uncle Malloas, who had supported the marriage to Libers, plotted to strip her of her lands, but he relented when he learned of Meleranz’s pedigree.

Tydomie and Meleranz ruled Karmerie and Terrandes, and had a daughter, Olimpia, and two sons, Lazeliez and Medanz. Tydomie’s parents were named Garsidis and Lambore.

Meleranz | Der Pleier, 1240-1270