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Melian the Gay

Melians li Gai, Meliant le Gai, Melianz le Gai, Melyans li Gais, Melyanz le Gai

A knight from the Gay Castle; brother of Drian the Gay and son of Trahan the Gay.

One of Lancelot’s first quests was to avenge wounds given to Melian by the son of the Lady of Malehaut or by Caradoc of the Dolorous Tower (Carados). (There is some manuscript confusion as to whether Lancelot avenges Melian or his father Trahan.)

Later, Melian pointed Lancelot to the adventures at the Dolorous Tower and, after Lancelot conquered it, Melian married a lady who had been imprisoned there.

Vulgate Lancelot | 1215-1230
Le Livre d’Artus | Early 13th century