In an Irish romance, a daughter of Arthur who fell in love with Orlando, son of Troas, the King of Thessaly. Mador, who was jealous, bribed Merlin to get rid of the troublesome prince, and Merlin complied, persuading his servant, the Destructive One, to imprison the hapless prince. Only the Lance of Longinus, the carbuncle of the daughter of the King of Narsinga, and the oil of the pig of Tuis could dispose of the enchantment that surrounded him.

Melora, dressed as a knight, set out to find these items. She defeated the King of Africa on behalf of the King of Babylon who gave her the Lance and sent Levander, his servant, to accompany her. They were imprisoned by the King of Asia, but escaped with the aid of a guard, Uranus, and obtained the porcine oil of the pig of Tuis from their captor.

They finally managed to lure the King of Narsinga and his daughter, Verona, on to a ship, but all became friends and the carbuncle was given freely to Melora. Orlando was freed and the happy couple went on to Thessaly, while Levander married Verona.