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Handsome Young Man
Knight of the Two Swords, Knight with the Two Swords

Hero of Meriadeuc, or Le Chevalier aux deux épées, a thirteenth-century French Arthurian romance.

He was the son of Bleheri, a knight slain unwittingly by Gawain in the service of Brien de la Gastine. When he came of age, he went to Arthur’s court and became Gawain’s squire. Ignorant of his real name, he was called “Handsome Young Man.”

When Lady Lore of Cardigan came to court wearing a sword (that had belonged to Bleheri) that no knight could unbuckle, Meriadeuc asked Arthur to make him a knight, attempted the test himself, and succeeded. Fastening Lore’s sword over the one bestowed by Arthur, he earned the name Knight with the Two Swords. He departed immediately to seek adventure, despite the pleas of Lore, whom Arthur had promised to wed to the knight who could pass the test.

Meriadeuc soon proved his prowess by defeating King Ris, one of Arthur’s enemies. He traveled with Gawain for a time, but upon learing that Gawain had killed his father, he shunned Gawain’s company. Arriving at his family’s home at the Lake of Twins, he learned the true story of his father’s death. He avenged his father by killing Brien de la Gastine. His mother brought about a reconciliation between Meriadeuc and Gawain.

He healed a knight named Gaus at the Fountain of Marvels by striking him with a magic sword, and found his true name written on he sword. After defeating the Red Knight of the Perilous Valley, another enemy of Arthur, Meriadeuc returned to Arthur’s court, where he married Lore. He became the King of Cardigan and had two children with his wife.

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Meriadeuc or Le Chevalier aux Deux Épées | c. 1225-1250