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Ogier the Dane

Danish: Holger Danske
Ogier de Danemarche, Ogier le Danois

A hero in Carolingian romance, possibly based on a historical figure, the Frankish knight Autcharius (or Otker, Otkerus). Around 1070-1080 the monks at the abbey of Saint Faro at Meaux, claimed in their Conversio Othgeri militis that Othgerius Francus were a member of Charlemagne’s court. A mausoleum was built for him in the abbey and his sarcophagus were placed next to that of Saint Benedictus.

He is non-Arthurian except for an account in Ogier le danois where Ogier is shipwrecked in the Mediterranean. Rescued by angels, he comes to the Island of Avalon, where he finds MorganArthur, and Gawain still alive. He lives with Morgan in her palace for 200 years, begetting two sons upon her, one of them named Meurvin (or Marlyn) before leaving.

Brewer says that Morgan once took Ogier to Avalon, gave him a ring of youth and a crown of forgetfulness, and introduced him to King Arthur. Two hundred years later, she sent Ogier to fight the Moors in France. He routed them and then returned to Avalon.

Ogier’s swords were Curetana and Sauvagine; his horse was Papillon.

Roman d’Ogier le Danois | 14th century
Ly Myreur des Histors | Jean D’Outremeuse, c. 1350