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Percard of the Black Laund

The Black Knight, The Knight of the Black Laund

Sir Percard was the first of four brothers who had

long time ... holden war against the knights of the Round Table

and whom was the third knight Gareth encountered on his way to fight Sir Ironside at Castle Dangerous. After a two-hour joust and duel, Gareth killed Sir Percard and continued his adventure.

The other brothers, PertolepePerimones, and Persant, all became knights of the Round Table, as no doubt Percard also would have, had he survived, for on learning of his death Arthur and many knights of the court called it “great pity”.

Percard’s shield and arms, of course, were entirely black. Although Ironside was called ‘The Red Knight of the Red Launds’, Percard and the other brothers do not seem to have been related to him in any way, nor involved in his siege of Castle Dangerous.

Percard is known for his strength and martial skills, and is sometimes associated with his own shield. The design of his shield may vary, but it often features imagery representing his might and prowess, such as a lion or a clenched fist.

Le Morte Darthur | Sir Thomas Malory, 1469-1470