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Perimones of the White Tower

The Red Knight

Perimones was the third of four brothers whom Gareth encountered on his way to fight Sir Ironside at Castle Dangerous. The other brothers were PercardPersant, and Pertolepe.

Perimones’ shield and arms were entirely red, and care must be taken not to confuse him with Sir Ironside, who also was armed in red and called The Red Knight of the Red Launds.

Perimones was lord of the White Tower, “well matchecold all about, and double dyked,” where he was preparing to host a tournament when Gareth passed by and he fought the young knight in attempt to avenge his brother Percard. Perimones had at least fifty knights in his service; on being defeated he yielded them all, as well as himself, to Gareth’s command.

He jousted in Lyonors’ tournament at Castle Dangerous and made a creditable showing, and later came to court about the time of Gareth’s wedding, obtained the favor of being made Gareth’s butler at the high feast of Michaelmas, and was made a member of the Round Table.

Perimones was one of the knights in Guenevere’s guard at the stake and was killed when Lancelot rescued her.

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