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Revellus, a distinguished nobleman in the court of King Arthur as depicted in the Norse Erex Saga, occupies a notable place among the knights and lords of Camelot. Known for his valor and loyalty, Revellus is not only renowned for his own deeds but also for his familial ties to esteemed individuals with Arthurian legend.

Among his brothers, Revellus counts Bilis, the illustrious dwarf king known for his wisdom and cunning, as well as Brattur, another esteemed figure whose deeds often intertwine with those of Arthur and his knights.

As a nobleman in Arthur’s court, Revellus likely participated in the legendary quests, battles, and adventures that defined the era of Camelot. His presence among the ranks of Arthur’s loyal subjects speaks volumes about his courage, skill in combat, and commitment to upholding the ideals of chivalry and honor.

Erex Saga | 13th century