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Saint Edeyrn

Edeyrn Dafod Aur | Edeyrn of the Golden Tounge
fl. 6th century

Saint Edeyrn is a saint venerated in Welsh tradition. He is associated with the early Christian period in Wales, but the historical details about his life are limited, and much of what is known about him comes from legend and folklore.

According to traditional accounts, Saint Edeyrn was a warrior prince of the royal house of Powys, related to Vortigern, and brother of Saint Aerdeyrn and Elldeyrn. He eventually renounced his secular life and embraced Christianity. He is often depicted as a noble and virtuous figure who dedicated himself to the service of God.

One popular legend associated with Saint Edeyrn revolves around his “golden tounge.” It is said that his eloquence and persuasive abilities were so remarkable that his words were likened to pure gold. This legend has led to his ephitet “Edeyrn Dafoud Aur.”

In some versions of the legend, it is mentioned that Saint Edeyrn founded a church or a monastic community at Llanedeyrn, now a district of Cardiff, Wales. However, historical evidence to substantiate this claim is scarce.

According to the Arthurian tradition he was a Briton and a companion of King Arthur before he became a recluse in Armonica, Brittany.