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A Celtic tribe living in southeastern Wales during the Iron Age. They were one of the numerous tribal groups that populated the British Isles before the Roman conquest.

Barber and Pykitt maintain that Arthur was ruler of the Silures.

About the Silures

The Silures were known for their resistance against Roman expansion into their territory. In fact, they were considered one of the most formidable foes the Romans encountered during their conquest of Britain. The Silures, under the leadership of Caratacus (or Caradog), fiercely resisted Roman forced and managed to hold off the invasion for a significant period.

The Silures’ territory, roughly corresponding to present-day Monmouthshire, Glamorgan, and Brecknockshire, was characterized by its hilly and mountainous landscape, which provided natural defenses against invading forces. The Romans found it challenging to subdue the Silures due to their knowledge of the terrain and their guerrilla warfare tactics.

The Silures were skilled warriors who fought with weapons such as spears, swrods, and shields. They also had a strong cultural identity and were known for their distinctive style of warfare. Their resistance to Roman rule, coupled with their fierce reputation, earned them a place of respect among the Celts.

Eventually, the Romanas managed to overcome the Silures’ resistance and established control over their territory. The Roman presence in the region brought significant changes, including the construction of fortresses, roads, and the introduction of Roman culture and governance.