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Arthur’s brave and faithful squire in Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.

He saved his master’s life at the House of Temperance against Maleger. Wounded while pursuing some evil foresters, he was found and nursed by the beautiful huntress Belphoebe. Timias and Belphoebe fell in love.

Later, he and Belphoebe rescued the maiden Amoret from a monster, the Hairy Carl. Amoret was wounded during the rescue and Timias, lamenting her injury, kissed her. Witnessing this, Belphoebe accused him of infidelity and left him. Timias became a hermit and lived a life of asceticism until Belphoebe, satisfied as to his devotion, reconciled with him.

In Spenser’s allegory, Timias represents Sir Walter Raleigh.

The Faerie Queene | Edmund Spenser, 1570-1599