Ugly Squire

He had a long chest, short neck, stiff red hair in tangles, and a face that must have been hirsute as any beast’s, what with bushy forked beard, twisted mustache, and eyebrows so thick they covered his forehead and nose.

As Gawaine ministered to the wounded Greoreas at the Galloway border, this squire rode by on a wretched packhorse, for which Greoreas asked. When Gawaine went to request it, the squire proved as surly as he was ugly, actually goading the normally courteous Gawaine into giving him a slap that knocked him out of the saddle. The squire threatened the knight with dire consequences, but Greoreas assured Gawaine that the fellow never said a civil word to anyone.

It might be suggested, however, that the squire’s threat came true when Greoreas stole Gringolet, leaving Gawaine the sorry nag.