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Morgan’s Ring

Morgan le Fay, often portrayed as a sorceress and enchantress, is associated with magical artifacts and abilities. While her ring may not receive explicit attention in all versions, she is often depicted as possessing powerful magical objects, which may include a ring among them.

The ring associated with Morgan le Fay is said to grant her various enchantments and supernatural abilities. It serves as a conduct for her magical powers, enabling her to perform spells, illusions, and shape-shifting. Some versions suggest that the ring is a source of her sorcerous strength and gives her control over certain magical forces.

In early days, Guenevere gave Morgan a ring which differed from the one Guenevere later gave Lancelot only in the engraving of the stone.

Kidnaping Lancelot after he had disenchanted her Val Sans Retour, Morgan demanded the ring Guenevere had given him as a ransom. When he refused, she resorted to drugging him and exchanging rings. He did not notice the difference, and she sent his ring to court with a “confession” and apology purportedly by him, in another effort to uncover Guenevere’s unfaithfulness to Arthur. Guenevere said she had given the ring to Lancelot, but honorably; Arthur said he did not believe Morgan’s damsel, but, rather than lose Lancelot, he would let him love the Queen.