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Aber Deu Cleddyf

“Mouth of the Two Swords”

Aber Deu Cleddyf is a Welsh term that translates to “Mouth of the Two Swords” in English. Is is a legendary and symbolic name often associated with certain locations in Welsh folklore and mythology. The concept of Aber Deu Cleddyf is deeply rooted in Welsh legends and is sometimes linked to places that hold cultural or historical significance. In these legends, the “two swords” may symbolize various concepts, including conflict, protection, or the dual nature of power.

In the Culhwch and Olwen story, this is where Arthur and his warriors journeyed to retrieve the pups of the enchanted hound Rhymhi. It is probably an estuary in southwest Dyfed, Wales. Obtaining the dogs was one of Culhwch’s tasks. Arthur received directions from Tringad, a local resident.

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