A region and former kingdom in southwest Wales, called Demetia by the Romans. It contains the counties of CardiganCarmarthenPembroke, and St. David’s, which have various Arthurian associations. In the seventh century Dyfed consisted only of Pembrokeshire.

Dyfed is located in the lowest part of the principality, which indicates the root of the word dyfed might be dwfn, which means ‘deep’ or ‘low’. Devon is probably of the same origin.

Dyfed was settled by Irish tribes during the traditional Arthurian period (fifth and sixth centuries). Geoffrey says it was ruled by Stater during the Arthurian period.

ca. 357Anwn
ca. 373Ednyfed
ca. 405Clotri
ca. 385Triffyn Farfog
ca. 437Aergol Lawhir
ca. 475-540Gwrthefyr
ca. 585Arthwyr
ca. 630Cloten
ca. 690Rhein
ca. 710Tewdos
ca. 711-811Owain
ca. 815-893Hyfaidd
ca. 893-904Llywarch ap Hyfaidd
ca. 845-905Rhodri
ca. 905-909Hywel Dda

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