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Bassenthwaite is a large, shallow lake located in the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, England.

A lake in Cumbria into which Excalibur was supposedly thrown.

Bassenthwaite | 0 to the 9th century AD

The lake was formed during the last Ice Age by glacial action. It is a ribbon lake, characterized by its long, narrow shape. The Lake District has a long history of human habitation, dating back to prehistoric times. While direct evidence related to Bassenthwaite Lake may be limited, archaeological sites in the broader region suggest that humans were present in the area during ancient times.

Celtic and Roman Periods
The Lake District was inhabited by Celtic tribes before the Roman conquest of Britain. The Romans established a presence in the region, and there is evidence of Roman roads and forts nearby. However, the focus of Roman activities was often in lowland areas, and the upland lakes may not have been extensively documented during this period.

Anglo-Saxon Period
The Lake District, including the area around Bassenthwaite, became part of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms after the decline of Roman rule. The region would have been influenced by the cultural and social developments of the Anglo-Saxon period, but specific details are often elusive.

Viking Influence
The Viking Age (eighth to eleventh centuries) saw Norse influence in parts of northern England. While specific evidence related to Bassenthwaite may be limited, the broader region experienced interactions with Viking settlers and cultural influences.