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Belec, Belee, Beloc, Beloee, Beloie

A castle in Britain.

When Arthur returned from France on news of Mordred’s rebellion, they were attacked. After this first battle, a group of Arthur’s knights, who were bearing Gawain’s body, stopped at Beloé for the night.

The Lady of Beloe grieved for Gawain as the only man she had ever loved. Upon this, the Lord of Beloe, who had never liked Gawain, struck her with his sword upon hearing this, and she died after requesting burial alongside Gawain. For this murder, the lord was killed in turn by Arthur’s knights, who then carried the lady’s body with Gawain’s to Camelot as she requested.

Mordred had attacked Arthur at Dover, trying to prevent his landing. Beloé must be between Dover and, probably, London or Camelot.

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