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Carreg Carn March Arthur

“Rock Cairn of Arthur’s Horse”
Carreg-y-Big, The Big Stone

Carreg Carn March Arthur is an impressive glacial erratic – a large boulder that was transported and deposited by glaciers during the Ice Age. It is situated in the Cwm Llwyd area of Snowdonia, near the village of Llanbedr-y-Cennin. The rock measures approximately five meters in heigh and has become an interesting landmark within the region.

The name “Carreg Carn March Arthur” suggests a connection to Arthurian folklore, as it references Arthur’s horse. According to one local legend, it is said that King Arthur used this rock as a mounting block for his horse, Llamrei. The legend claims that the horseshoe marks on the rock were maid by Arthur’s horse when he leaped onto it. The horse and rider then leapt from a nearby cliff, escaping the invading Saxons.

The stone is laid flat on the ground, and an arch has been built over it with a mounted plaque which reads:

The stone underneath this Arch Carreg Carn March Arthur was adjudged to be the boundary of the Parish and Lordship of Mold in the county of Flint and of Llanverres in the County of Denbigh by the High Court of Exchequer at Westminster 10th November 1763.

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