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Castle Field

Caerau Hillfort

Castle Field, formally known as Caerau Hillfort, is located near Cardiff and is one of the largest and most significant hillforts in South Wales.

Blackett and Wilson believe it to be the original location for Camelot.

Castle Field | History

Iron Age Origins
Caerau Hillfort is primarily associated with the Iron Age, a period that roughly spans from 800 BC to 43 AD. It is believed to have been constructed during this time as a defensive hillfort.

Occupation and Use
The hillfort would have served as a settlement, housing a community during the Iron Age. Hillforts typically featured multiple ramparts and ditches for defense. The people living at the Castle Field likely engaged in agricultural activities and had a social structure reflective of Iron Age socities.

Like many ancient sites, Castle Field might have seen occupation during various historical periods. It is not uncommon for hillforts to be repurposed or reoccupied in different eras.