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Castle of Bliant

Blanc Recet, Blanc Repaire, Le Blanc Castel, Joyous Isle

Do not confuse with Sir Bliant’s Castle Blank.

The castle of Bliant was one of Pellam’s castles, standing on an

island beclosed in iron, with a fair water deep and wide.

Pellam gave the castle and island to Lancelot, who had just recovered from a long bout of madness, including a period of nursing at Castle Blank, and who thought he could never go back to Arthur’s court.

As Le Chavaler Mal Fet, Lancelot held Bliant against all jousters, naming it Joyous Isle (La Joyous Garde) and living here with Pellam’s daughter Elaine.

Pick out a nice lake in the Lake District and put the Castle of Bliant on it. Alternatively, we could bend Malory a little here. Since it looks confusing to have Sir Bliant of Castle Blank and the castle of Bliant so closely connected in this account of Lancelot’s madness, the names of the castles might be switched, giving Sirs Bliant and Selivant (Celinant) the castle of Bliant, and Pellam getting Castle Blank. Castle Blank might then be Whitehaven, and then Joyous Isle the shallow peninsula of headland surrounding it.